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Everyone deserves a 2.0, or an improvement. By democratizing affordable career advancement, we give ambitious humans the tools to do more. As what started as a micro-consulting hub to give interns a better career launchpad, we decided to expand our model to reach and impact more professionals in need – who we call "the everyday professional." We're demystifying the pipe dream and shattering the exclusive world of career coaching with our unique combination of modernized career support and our ML-powered resource database – the Opportunity Pipeline. The first career advancement membership. 

Role - Founder
Year - 2017

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47% of the workforce is thinking about quitting their job right now (SHRM). 57% of organizations cannot meet the career development needs of employees (Brandon Hall Group).


With 87% of millennials prioritizing career development in a job, companies are ill-equipped to match the forward-thinking nature of their employees. There is no resource to address the "have-it-all" mindset of the next workforce.

We're setting out to democratize opportunity. I believe in "right person, wrong seat." As we help professionals find career fulfillment, the state of innovation will progress. With even one more person happy in their job, the better they perform.

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We're the catch-all for employees and professionals that feel undervalued and unfulfilled. The Collective attracts and breeds ambitious, high-performing individuals. These HPIs seek us out to get the support they need to achieve the career they deserve. This is the tool that employers need to attain and retain the top talent – and be ahead of the competition.

Leveraging our machine-learning database called "The Opportunity Pipeline," we're driving tailored on-demand career support. The Opportunity Pipeline matches opportunities and resources that further career fulfillment in 3 categories: growth, connection, work opportunities. 

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We're growing our team and scaling up. Hit us up if you have any kooky ideas of would like to join us on our mission towards democratized opportunity. 

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